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Athlete Always

A Whole-Body Program: Built for the Pros, Tailored for You.

Athlete Always is a program rooted in the methodologies used to train pro-athletes. Through a combination of agility and reaction drills, bodyweight and weighted exercises and targeted cardio elements, the structured group session is designed to get your body working at its optimal capacity allowing you to run faster, lift heavier and get sharper.

Focused on hitting holistic functional components including Mobility, Strength, Speed, Power, Reaction and Conditioning, this class is progressive and evolves with your needs to ensure you meet your personal goals.


Youth Program

Athletes are Made, not Born: Enabling a Lifetime of Sustainable Fitness

We aim to arm the youth with true knowledge about how their individual bodies work and equip them with professional fitness strategies that set them up to be able to pursue a lifetime of sustainable fitness.

Dare’s training and development strategy guides 12-17 year-olds into the world of fitness and powers up their growth during the most crucial time of their lives. Our coaches are trained to recognise and cultivate each child’s personal strengths, address and correct damaging habits and strengthen core capabilities – all while ensuring a safe and injury-free environment.

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Recover & Stretch

Ladies Strength and Conditioning

Safe, structured and specifically designed for femalesdfdsaf

This comprehensive program blends targeted strength training, a variety of functional movements, and conditioning that builds towards ultimate health and performance. 

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